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Art of The Balance

Task Based.

Hands-on Training.

Meet your new lifetime friend, Excel. Our task based training course, alongside our in-house accounting system module will introduce you to a whole new world of accounting. 


Whether you are a fresh graduate, or seasoned accountant, you are in the right place.


Art of The Balance is designed for accountants by accountants. We teach you how to use a valuable Excel technique, called Mapping, to allow you to complete your tasks effectively and efficiently, freeing your daily schedule and impressing your clients.

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What is a Mapping file?


A Mapping file is a formula driven file that transforms data from its original form (Old Data) to a useful form (Useful Data) with the guideline (Maps) prepared by you, we refer this process as the Mapping Process. It is a very beneficial tool when processing repetitive tasks as most of the parts in the file will update automatically when you enter a new set of old data into the file.  

Why Should You Take The Course?

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In An Interview

“I Am A Hungry Leaner?”

“I am a hungry learner; I know how to use Microsoft Excel.” I am sure that sentence is on your script in any interviews. However, what makes you a hungry learner, and how good are you at Excel? This course will teach you a technique call “Mapping”. After you complete the course, this will be your prefect example to show you as a real hungry learner because you learn something that is not required to get your degree, and it also demonstrates that you really know how to use Excel in a practical way.

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Our Approach

Task Base vs. Function Base

Most of the courses out there are focusing on teaching you how the functions work but never show you how you can use them in real life. This course is task based, we will give you real life task as an example in each chapter and show you how to complete the task.

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Be Creative

Be Fluent at 18 Functions

It is not about how many functions you know in Excel, but how fluent you are to use the most applicable functions for your tasks. Excel has 479 functions, it is not practical to learn all of them. In this course, you will learn the most useful 18 functions that help you complete your accounting tasks. We will also show you how to combine and nest the functions, then you will realize how much you can do with just 18 functions.

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Efficient and Effective

Complete Tasks with Quality

Are you spending all your time doing repetitive tasks and not being able to grow? Setting up a mapping file does not only help you save time when handling repetitive tasks, it will also improve the quality of your work by being effective and efficient. Ultimately, You will be spending less time at work but also be able to contribute more and lead to promotion.

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Self-Study is prefect for you if you tend to learn with your own pace. 

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Mission Statement

Art of The Balance is designed for accountants by accountants. We aim to - 


Provide YOU real work experience.


Teach YOU how to use Excel to complete your tasks.

Make YOU feel more confident in your interview and be more competitive in your career.

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