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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Who Am I?

I am a Certified Public Accountant. I moved to the United States when I was 18 years old. As a non-native speaker, I have encountered a lot of different adversities, but it does not stop me from growing to a stronger person. 

Fortunately, I got my first job in a mid-size firm right after college. My performance leaded me to an accelerated path - I was promoted from the Entry level to Director level, managing six engagement with a team of three, earning six figures, representing the firm in college recruiting event, and wrote my first training manual to train new hires preparing Financial Statements in Excel in just three years. Neither the CPA license nor hard-working alone lead me to the accelerated path. My secret is working smartly with my Excel Skill, which allows me to be outstanding comparing to my peers and even suppressed people with more experience. I was much more productive comparing to the others and I produce quality work because I utilize Excel to assist me for every tasks. 

Soon after I got promoted, I realized that the job itself become a routine and I cannot outgrow my responsibility. Therefore, I made a decision to move from New York to Los Angeles and continue my adventure. While in Los Angeles, I had 2 jobs here. The first job I had is in a Notional Real Estate Investment firm and the second one in a very lean boutique firm. In both places, I realized I can complete all my tasks in 2 hours while other people may need to spend a whole day working on the same task. It is because people are not utilizing Excel the way that I do, and that is also the reason why I always an outperformer.


Recognizing the Problem

After these three jobs, I realized two things -


  1. The opportunity I had to work in different firms and have to learn new accounting systems help me realize that although the interface of the accounting systems are very different, but the function and supporting data are the same.

  2. Most of the people are not using Excel to help them. They completely relies on the accounting system to complete their task, and if anything goes wrong, they relies on the IT team, who knows very little about accounting, to get it fixed. Unlike me that I will use Excel to help me modify report instead of counting on others. 


With the problems being recognized and my previous training experience, I decide to write a book to teach people how to use Excel to complete their task regardless what the accounting system they are using because most of the accounting system have the same logic and make this knowledge universal. 

The concept I am delivering to you is the Mapping technique in Excel. Indeed, it is more than just a technique, it is a surviving skill. It helps me be successful in my old job, and help me find more jobs.  No matter where you are in the future, Mapping process will always help you be the outperformer.

  • Provide YOU real work experience.

  • Teach YOU how to use Excel to complete your tasks.

  • Make YOU feel more confident in your interview and be more competitive in your career.

Who Am I?
Recognizing the Problem
Guide To The Future

I Was in Your Shoes

I know what the challenges that you are facing. Not long ago, I was still a student, struggling with my career, terrifying of not knowing if I could even find a job and wondering how I would be good enough for a job when I was competing with so many other students. 


As an interviewee trying to find my first job, I went to so many workshops in school that helped me prepare for interviews. The career consultants would always advise me to tell the interviewers that I am a hungry learner.  The interviewers love hearing that.

Let Me Guide You

As an interviewer in my prior jobs, I have interviewed a good amount of people to work with me. I can tell you, everyone says they know Excel, they know all different functions and they all are hungry learners. It does not differentiate you as an interviewee.


How are you going to stand out as a person who really knows Excel? How are you going to demonstrate that you are a hungry learner when you take the college classes as everyone else does?


The answer is: if you tell me that you know what a Mapping file is and you are be able to build one, it makes you very impressive, and if you tell me the way you learn about the whole Mapping process is from a course that is not required to graduate, it sets you apart from the rest! It definitely makes you way more impressive than everyone else!

Next Step

Next Step

If you have not downloaded the Free Accounting System Module, you should go download it now. The file is completely Excel based, it works just like a normal Accounting System. It will give you an overview of how an accounting system works.


If you have downloaded the module, go to the Approach page to learn more about the course and approach that we are going to take to teach you. It is a very unique approach that is giving you, it is different than most of the course available in the Market. 

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