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Art of The Balance: Accounting in Excel (Volume I) CPE Application

Art of The Balance: Accounting in Excel (Volume I) CPE Application


*Currently it is not approved by NASBA yet, this is a sample promotion material for CPE sponsor application*

  • CPE credits

    Earn 16 CPE credits in Computer Software & App

  • Registration Requirement

    Purchasers of the program will be automatically registered for the program as of the purchase date. Participants will need to complete the program within one year of pruchase date in order to receive CPE credits.

  • Course Description

    The program focuses on developing participant’s Excel skills. The program uses basic private equity fund accounting tasks as the foundation to teach the participants how to handle the scenarios and tasks. The combination of reading the materials and going through the macro-driven Excel workbook will give the participants a new perspective on how to utilize Excel for their accounting jobs.

  • Leaning Objectives

    Upon the completion of the course, participants are expected to achieve the following overall goals -


    • Participants will be able to use difference Excel functions fluently: concatenate ( ), countif ( ), datevalue ( ), if ( ), iferror ( ), index ( ), isblank ( ), isnumber ( ), left ( ), len ( ), match ( ), Pivot Table, right ( ), rows ( ), search ( ), sumif ( ), sumifs ( ), vlookup ( )
    • Participants will be able to use the functions covered in the course to build workpapers.
    • Participants will have an overview of how an accounting system works.
    • Participants will understand the basic knowledge of Fund Accounting.
  • Program Requirement

    The program is requiring its participants to have basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel –


    1. Participants must have Microsoft 365 installed on the computer.


    2. Participants must have basic level skill in Microsoft Excel –

    • Familiar with the Excel’s interface;
    • Able to do simple calculations such as add (+), subtractions (-),  multiplications (*), and division (/).
    • Able to use simple functions such as sum( ).


    Private Equity Fund experience would be preferred but not required. 


    Although the program provides step by step solution for all the Excel problems, it is essential that the participants are familiar with Excel.


    Please refer to our Refund and Cancellation Policy if the program is not meeting your expectation and you want to receive a refund.

  • Knowledge level


  • Delivery Method

    QAS Self Study


    The program is delivered in the form of reading and going through Excel workbooks, it is consisting of four main parts –


    • Book/Reading Material – Deliver real-life tasks and discuss the thought process and steps that need to be completed.
    • Excel Modules – Provide step-by-step instructions to guide participants through the process, it allows participants to examine the step and repeat the steps as many times as needed.
    • Accounting System – This Excel-based Accounting System served as a platform for participants to organize the data from the Excel Modules. The participant will be able to understand what the impacts are for the tasks provided in each chapter.
    • Exercise – Participants are required to complete a similar workbook as exercises.


    Please visit the approach page for further details.

  • Course Evaluation

    The Final Assessment consists of 80 Multiple Choice Question. In order to receive 16 CPE from the program, you need to receive 70% in the assessment.

  • Refund and Cancellation Policy

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may receive a full refund any time in the first 45 days of registration. Please email Complaint Resolution Department at or call us at 646-898-7298 with any concerns or to request a refund.


    If, at any time, Art of The Balance, LLC must cancel your registration, or discontinue the Sponsorship at NASBA. We will notify all the program participants who have not and will not receive any CPE credits (the “Qualified Participants”) in both mail and email as soon as possible. The Qualified Participants will receive refund checks or electronic payments for the full amount within 45 days of notice.


    For the avoidance of doubt, (1) Participants must proof that they are CPA in order to receive refund. (2) Participants who received CPE credits from the program will not be receiving any refund as long as the CPE credits earned were still validated. (3) Program purchasers who did not complete the program within one year after the purchase date will not be eligible for refund.

  • Complaint resolution policy

    Please send your complaint and any concerns to Charlie Sou at, we will reply your email within 5 business days. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may receive a full refund any time in the first 45 days of registration, please refer to the program cancellation policy for more details.


    For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaint and refund, please contact our offices at 646-898-7298 or email us at,

  • NASBA sponsor statement

    The Best of the Best is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have the final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website:

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